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Full Version: [CA] SR 50 to Jensen sirius-ready radio connection
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I wish to connect an SR 50 to my Jensen MSR 3007 stereo. It is Sirius ready, already connected to a vehicle-type receiver via plug in the back, with the audio cable using an 8-pin mini-DIN plug on both ends. The SR 50 audio cable has a 4-pin twist-lock type plug on both ends. Is there an 8-pin DIN to 4-pin twist lock adapter for use in this situation? I really don't want to use the aux input on the front of the stereo, kind of defeats the purpose.
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The R08265 Audio Output Cable for the SR100 and SR50 featured a 4-pin female pub on one and and a pair of RCA plugs on its other end. The RCA plugs were intended to be interfaced to the AUX IN port of a stereo head unit or amplifier.
Thank you, Chuck. I saw that this SR 50 would normally be connected with the RCA plugs, but I got this unit used and it came with the twist-lock female on both ends of the audio cable. This leads me to believe that it was connected to some other sirius-ready unit or amp that utilized this plug. Surely, I'm not the first person who has tried to put together a Raymarine SR receiver and a radio specifically designed with a sirius input? I'm hoping for an adapter.

Unfortunately, your beliefs concerning your stereo head unit's Sirius/SiriusXM-ready features appear to be incorrect. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject. Should you consult Jensen's support team, you will likely find confirmation that the Jensen stereo head unit is designed to be interfaced to a SiriusXM receiver such as the SiriusXM SXV300 Connect Vehicle Tuner identified within the referenced FAQ. SiriusXM receivers such as the SiriusXM SXV300 Connect Vehicle Tuner are designed to support digital command / control, data, and digital audio communications with the stereo head unit. In contrast, SiriusXM Marine Weather / Satellite Receivers are reliant upon a compatible MFD to perform all digital command and data communications with the SiriusXM Marine Weather / Satellite Receiver and are only capable of producing analog line output. Such analog line output is exclusively suitable for serving as an auxiliary input to a stereo head unit, amplifier/pre-amp, or amplified speakers.
OK, got it. thanks again, Chuck
You're welcome.
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