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Full Version: (DG) Powering AIS 100 splitter
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Hello Raymarine Technical Support,

I have an AIS splitter 100 and wanted to confirm when it needs to be powered up. Am I correct in thinking all receive functions (VHF, AIS, FM radio) work with no power applied and power is only needed for VHF and AIS transmit functions?

The reason I ask is the VHF, AIS, and FM radio are all on separate breakers and certainly the VHF and FM radios are sometimes used on their own without turning on the rest of the navigation instrumentation (MFD, ST60s, AIS). I don’t wish to leave the splitter on continuously and am trying to work out where to power it from. My thought had been to diode “OR” power from the VHF and Nav Instrument breakers to feed it.

Thank you for your assistance.
Hi wheatstm
Thank you for your enquiry.

The AIS100 splitter should be powered up all the time the AIS is required for either Transmit or receive.

The AIS100 will default to VHF whenever unpowered and will allow vhf both transmit and receive in this unpowered condition.

Thank you!
Hi wheatstm

You're welcome!
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