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Hi to everybody,

in order to choose the appropriate gluing&reconstruction procedure, I need to know which type of plastic had been used for RD424's radome base (e.g.: PE, PTFE, ABS, ect.).

Thanks a lot!
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum GattoDiMare,

A radome shells and covers must be as transparent as possible with respect to passing radar energy and ensuring that radar energy is not reflected by the shell or cover. The covers and shells are molded from ABS plastic with UV inhibitors added. Repairs to radome shells and covers are not recommended lest they adversely affect radar performance. You may additionally find that any adhesive used may provide only temporary bonding. Accordingly, no recommendations have been specified by Raymarine for performing repairs . The upper and lower shells for the RD424, RD424D, and RD424HD are physically identical with respect to the plastic and molding. However, the bases each have different part numbers depending on whether a Raymarine decal set alone, Raymarine decal set and additional Digital decal, or Raymarine decal set and additional HD Digital decal has been applied to the radome base. Only the HD Digital Radome base continue to be offered by Raymarine:
R92155 4KW Radome Base
R58231 4KW Radome Lid
R58233 4KW Radome Case Seal

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing where one may purchase parts for these radome.
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