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Full Version: [CA] RMK-9 V RMK-10
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Hi can anyone tell me the difference between these 2 remotes please?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum jbestjr,

The RMK-9 and RMK-10 are interchangeable within a system of compatible MFDs (a/c/e/eS-Series MFDs, Axiom MFDs, and Axiom Pro MFDs). The RMK-10 is simply the successor to the RMK-10 and features styling consistent with Raymarine's latest generation of MFDs (Axiom MFDs, eS-Series MFDs, gS-Series MFDs), instruments, autopilot control heads, etc.. Both have options to install in portrait or landscape orientations.


[Image: RMK-9-orientations.jpg?n=5056]


[Image: RMK-10.jpg]
Thanks for info
You're welcome.
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