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Full Version: (DG) Quantum Upgrade
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Will there be an upgrade path for customers who just purchased a Quantum 1 to Quantum 2?
Hi DFMott
Thank you for your enquiry.

Raymarine do not have a policy of global discounting or exchanges, simply due to the complexity of multinational supply chain management and the various local laws and pricing structures.

In all cases we would refer you to the local Raymarine supply outlets and individual country sales managers.

From a technical perspective, there will be a specific new release of AXIOM software which will be required to enable functionality with any changes to hardware.

Thank you
Are there hardware differences between the Quantum and Quantum 2? Or just software (suggesting it might technically possible to upgrade an existing unit at some point)?
Hi danderer
Thank you for your enquiry.

There will be hardware differences too, so not just a software change.
I just purchased the Quantum 1 in January and have not even installed it yet. I believed I would be installing the latest technology. It is very disappointing that there is not an upgrade option. It is still new in the box and I am forced to install out-dated hardware. Again, very disappointing...
Dear Sir,
I have sent you a private Message to try to assist
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