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Full Version: (DG) Erratic problem with Linear Drive 2S - clutch disengage without warning.
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I have a weird problem with my autohelm… From time to time, typically after 60-90 minutes of using the autohelm, the clutch disengage without any warning or error message on the MFD or control head. I can then re-engage the clutch (via the pilot head) and continue. Once this happen in a day, it will happen every 20-40 minutes after. I single hand and must be able to trust my autohelm while racing.

My setup is
- S2 Course Computer… prior to that I had an old Autohelm 400. I have had the clutch problem with both course computers.
- ST6001+ Pilot head, prior to that I had an old ST6000. I have had the clutch problem with both pilot heads.
- I have an Es78 Chartplotter. While the problem started after I installed the eS78, I have had the problem with/wo the chart plotter being connected on the seatalk network.
- The linear drive is a Type 2S. I have redone the connection between the linear drive and the course computer once.

My intermittent problem makes me wonder if the problem is the clutch, or if the clutch is simply the symptom of another problem. My research on the internet suggest that typically the clutch work, or does not.

Your assistant would be greatly appreciated.
Hi rapscallion2
Thank you for your enquiry.

Typically the symptom of the clutch disengaging without warning is a voltage problem, especially if the autopilot also reverts back to STANDBY mode.

If the clutch disengages and the Autopilot remains in AUTO, then the issue is related to either the clutch itself, the cabling to the clutch or to the connections for the clutch. The drive can be tested following these instructions

If the Autopilot reverts to STANDBY then this is a wider issue and involves a drop in voltage in the system, as loose or poor connection, batteries not holding a charge and so dropping below 11v when the autopilot is driving. Electrical interference can be a source too click here for more information.

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