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Full Version: [CA] Wireless wind to Axiom via Micro-Talk Gateway
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I’m thinking of expanding an existing Raymarine/TackTick wireless system that has:
- Speed/depth transducers with hull transmitter (T121)
- Dual display (T111)
- Racemaster (T070)

Specifically, I’d like to add:
- Wireless wind transducer (T120)
- (Likely) Wireless mast rotation compass (T221) since we’re on a multihull with a rotating mast
- Axiom MFD on a NMEA 2000 backbone

A few questions come up as a result:

(1) What’s the best way to bridge Wireless MicroNet wind data to NMEA 2000? Which of these two options performs best? (in terms of data lag on the Axiom MFD).
- I read this very helpful post “Adding a wind data source to a Axiom” (http://forum.raymarine.com/showthread.php?tid=4060). The two recommended approaches that apply to Axiom MFDs are:
(1a) “Install... T122 Wireless Interface, and a NMEA 0183 to NMEA 2000 data bridging device (ex. Actisense NGW-1)”
(1b) “Install... a Micro-Talk™ Wireless Gateway”

My thoughts:
(1a) adds an extra conversion step and failure point since it is MicroNet (T122) -> NMEA 0183 -> NMEA 2000.
(1b) sounds the simplest since it is direct MicroNet (Micro-Talk Gateway) -> SeatalkNG / NMEA 2000.

I imagine the answer of what's best depends on the relative performance/lag of the T122 vs. the Micro-Talk Gateway… Also, the T122+Actisense adds an extra step since it converts MicroNet -> NMEA 0183 -> NMEA 2000. The Micro-Talk Gateway converts directly to NMEA 2000.

I’m also thinking ahead to a world where I may add more SeatalkNG / NMEA 2000 sensors (e.g. precision compass) => so I care about lag in both directions (from and to MicroNet)

Also, is there any risk of data loops in either approach? I can see a future with 2 heading sources (1 NMEA 2000 precision compass, 1 RaceMaster T070), and up to 3 GPS sources via NMEA 2000 (2 MFDs, 1 VHF with GPS). The ActiSense may better allow me to manage which data is passed around…
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum galacticair,

Given the two options listed, 1b) the Micro-Talk Gateway is the recommended option, from the standpoint of highest data rates, ease of installation, data loop prevention, and data source selection. When interfaced to a MFD running LightHouse 3 software (ex. Axiom MFDs, gS-Series MFDs, etc.) or MFD running LightHouse II software, the MFD which is serving as the system's Data Master will be configured to designate which sources will be used for Depth, Speed Though Water, Heading, GPS, GPS Datum, Wind, and Time & Date when there is more than one source of any one of these types of data within the system.
Thank you Chuck! That makes sense. I figured that the Micro-Talk Gateway being fairly recently released meant it was the way to go, but it's good to hear confirmation. There's not much info available online about it, so I'm glad this forum helps confirm when to use it.
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