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Full Version: [CA] Raymarine M260 to Axiom 9
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I have 2 Axiom 9 and one rv100 on the master. can I hook up a M260 to the other axiom. I know I only have 600w, but will it work. I think if I add a 370 I would get 1000w and that would work? Any suggestions good or bad.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum boatman2,

Which specific models of 9" Axiom MFDs do you own. In order to positively identify the version of M260 transducer owned, please attach a photo which clearly shows all information printed on the transducer's identification tag. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing the transducer's identification tag.
Both Axiom 9 are rv 3d. i can't take a photo now but it's #A66089 50khz-AE&200khz-BH PN: 41-266-1-01 Rev. 05 RoHS compliant s/n: 2632212 The top is all plastic. I hope this is enough info.

Thanks for the requested information. The A66089 may indeed be adapted (part #A80489) to be interfaced to the Transducer socket of the second Axiom 9 RV MFD. When directly interfaced to an Axiom RV MFD's Transducer socket the maximum power output of 1kW transducers such as yours will be limited to 600W. Should it be desired that the transducer output 1kW, then it would indeed be necessary to interfaced the A66089 M260 transducer to a CP370 Sounder Module, which in turn would be interfaced to the system via a HS5 RayNet Network Switch.
thank you
You're welcome.
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