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Full Version: [CA] Getting NMEA 0183 to a VHF
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The various solutions for getting NMEA 0183 to a VHF seem complex. Can I use the Seatalk2 port on my E-120, via an A06061 cable going to the converter in the E70196 kit, to then take basic position data from the converter to the VHF? Thanks
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Stephen,

Should the E-Series Classic MFDs within the system have been updated with latest available Raymarine product software update and should the E-Series Classic MFD which you will be seeking to use for this purpose be configured as the system's Data Master E-Series Classic MFD, then it would indeed be possible to use the E70196 VHF NMEA 0183 to STng Converter Kit to supply GPS data to the VHF radio whenever,
- the MFD is powered ON, and
- the MFD is receiving a GPS position FIX from a GPS data source which has been interfaced to either the MFD's SeaTalk communications interface or NMEA 0183 communications interface.
Much Appreciated
You're welcome.
Chuck: The cable and converter arrived and I went to the boat to do the installation. When I pulled the rubber plug off of the SeaTalk2 port on the E-120, I found that one of the pins was badly bent. I assume this was from the prior owner trying to insert the wrong plug. In any regard, when I tried (as gently as possible) to straighten it, it broke off. Looking at the diagram I have of the pin assignments on the plug, it looks like it is pin2, which should be the Net C (0 V Return). This is turning into an increasingly complex situation. What are my options? Thanks Stephen Lemon

Fortunately, Raymarine can still service the Power & I/F panel of the E-Series Classic MFDs. The MFD will need to be sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be serviced. Raymarine's Product Repair Center may be contacted for pricing to perform this repair, which essentially replaces the entire Power & I/F panel.
With great care, a small piece of a tiny paperclip, a magnifying glass and a tiny amount of conductive epoxy, I got the Sea Talk2 port working and I now have GPS position on the VHF. I will never remove the plug.

Thanks Stephen Lemon
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