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Full Version: [DG] Axiom 9 cannot fix to satellites after Factory Reset
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Hi Chuck
Problems continues after Factory Reset today - have already sent two threads.
My Axiom 9 now takes about 30 minutes to fix to satellites even that it shows 30 GPS in the little orange dot and 10 Glonoss - see picture 1 and 2

So what I can conclude now after Factory Reset is:
1. Difficulties to Satellite Fix
2. No Autoroute dropdown menues see picture 3 and 4 - In demomode Autoroute dropdown menu works
3. No Shallow Water setting possible se picture 5

I have tried to solve these issues today by:
1) Once more Factory Reset
2) Upgrading my Navionics+ card see picture 6
3) Reloaded the LH 3.3.170 Software picture 7-8

I really regret making the Factory Reset - before that I "just" had some power on swip problems!

Axiom is bought 15.2.2018
Hi Jorgen,

If you have no GPS Fix, then AUTO ROUTING will not operate,

I see in a later post that you completely depowered the display, then when repowered the unit completed its restart and it all seems to operate correctly.

This has not been previously reported as a failure mode or bug so please can you monitor this and report back if it reoccurs.
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