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Full Version: [CA] Axiom CP370 and Chirp transducer
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Replacing two A125s with two Axiom 12s. I currently have a CP370 with a B260 transducer. and am adding a RV212p for CHIRP. Not interest in sidevision, but want3D bottom and want to still use my B260. Can the two transducers co-exist? Any special cables necessary.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Bob,

Q1. Can the two transducers co-exist? Any special cables necessary.
A1. The two transducers can indeed be used within the system and the CP370 may be retained as well. Are you looking at Axiom or Axiom Pro MFDs? Does your current system feature a HS5 RayNet Network Switch? What is the maximum depth which you will fish?
Was considering one Axiom E70368 (Axiom 12 MFD w/Navionics+ charts) and one E70369 (Axiom 12 RV w/RV-100 and LighHouse charts). I do not think I have a HS5 Network switch as the only other devices are RMK9, RD424HD Radar, Ray 50 VHF, EV-2 , P70 R, Fusion 750, and Optimus EPS electronic steering. I will a HS5 Network Switch if necessary as having the installation done by a Raymarine dealer. Here is a list of devices I have in addition to the two A125s I will be replacing. CP370, RMK9, RD424HD Dome, Ray 50 VHF, EV-2 with R70 autopilot, Optimus EPS electric power steering and Fusion 750 radio. Boat is 33 center console with twin Yamaha outboards.
Maximum depth fishing is 300 feet. Any advantage to doing one Axiom Pro and one regular Axiom? Thanks for your help.

Unlike the a9x and a12x MFDs, the Axiom MFDs feature only one Ethernet Network communications interface per MFD. Raymarine offers the HS5 RayNet Network Switch to support systems having a greater number of devices requiring Ethernet network communications than the Ethernet Network sockets of the system's MFDs. As the number of devices having an Ethernet communications interface within your current system (2 MFDs, CP370, RD424HD, RMK-9, and Fusion 750) required more Ethernet Network socket than had been provided by the a12x MFDs, a HS5 RayNet Network Switch would already be installed onboard your vessel. In this way, replacing the a12x MFDs with a pair of Axiom MFDs should be a relatively simple task with respect to the system's Ethernet network.

Regarding the Fusion 750 stereo head unit. With MFD's running LightHouse II software, it would have been possible to interface the Fusion 750 stereo head unit via either the aforementioned Ethernet Network or via a NMEA 2000 network. In contrast, MFDs running LightHouse 3 software must be interfaced to compatible stereo entertainment systems via a NMEA 2000 network. Depending upon how your Fusion stereo head unit is presently interfaced to the system, this may require a minor modification to how the Fusion stereo head unit has been interfaced to the system, or no changes at all.

Whereas you already have owned MFDs having touchscreen-only interfaces which have been supplemented with a RMK-9, and you currently own a CP370, I see no need to consider a system consisting of an Axiom MFD and an Axiom Pro MFD.

The system which you are considering (to include the CP370) should be quite satisfactory for the maximum depth specified. For that matter, the system would support 1kW 50kHz / 200kHz sonar operation in much greater depths.
Thanks for your help. Looking forward to the new Axioms
You're welcome.
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