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Full Version: [CA] ECI-100 install to the Raymarine Axiom
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Hi all,

I want to interface the Yanmar 4JH45 engine to the Raymarine Axiom MFD over the Seatalkng network. I have read what I can find (Raymarine and Yanmar) - it would seem that I need to insert the Raymarine ECI-100 engine interface unit between the Seatalkng network and the engine's "NMEA 2000 system network".

My problem is that I can't physically see any engine system network as described on the Raymarine site. Does anyone have expereince of doing this or similar.

Any pointers would be much appreciated.

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Ian,

Should you not be familiar with your engine's interfaces, then I would strongly recommend contacting the boat builder, Yanmar, or a Certified Raymarine Installer to assist with the installation. The boat builder or Yanmar may be able to identify whether a NMEA 2000 backbone was installed to support the engine system's instrumentation and/or controls, or where each engine's NMEA 2000 connector may be located.
Hi Chuck,

Thanks for the reply.

Yanmar say the engine is not NMEA 2000 compatible but it is listed by Raymarine on the list of Compatible Yanmar Engine Systems.

I will investigate.

You're welcome.
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