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Full Version: [CA] can you split Axiom MFD to 4 screens?
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can you split Axiom MFD to 4 screens? How do I do it? I see the most you can split is 3 screens on 1 display. I see some pictures with MFD split into 4 screens. It will be very helpful to be able to see everything on the Axiom display
1. 3d sonar
2. traditional sonar
3. side vision
4. down vision

Welcome back to the Raymarine Forum Steven,

Axiom MFDs support application pages having up to four panes. Each pane may be configured to display the application of choice. An option to customize a page will be provided from the HOME screen if the operator's finger is held pressed to the page icon which one desires to change. In this case, after choosing to customize the back, the 4-pane option will be selected from the available layouts. The Fishfinder app would then be selected for each of the page's panes. After naming and saving the new page, then the page would need to be opened and the desired fishfinder channel then configured within each of the pages panes. Page customization is described in detail within Chapter 4.3: Creating / Customizing an App page of the LightHouse 3.3 Advanced Operation Instructions.
Thank you and awesome! - this Axiom MFD is simply beyond my intelligence. So many nuances and so many features that just begs so questions in order to maximize this great tool! Thanks for being here to support us to better utilize your products. It would be a great waster if you were not here to provide us the information in an instant. Kudos for getting back to me so quickly too!
You're welcome.
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