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Full Version: [CA] Axiom underwater camera options
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Have been looking at the camera options and specs. Lots of high end and IR options, however was hoping for a portable underwater option. Some of the best footage of fishing has been captured from a form of waterproof camera on a pole, transom, anchor rope, downrigger and so on. Using the display function on the Axiom would be great for viewing, remote record via paired device.

I fish out of an oversized bathtub and have found below the surface can be the best part.

Any options planned Raymarine? Small IP 1080 cameras are now so affordable so why not offer one with a 10m lead, led lighting. Imagine a small ROV that is controlled from touchscreen....
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Axiomdude,

Thanks for the product suggestion. While there are offerings within the market for underwater fishing camera systems, most seem to have either a NTSC video output or a HDMI video output capability. Those having NTSC video output capability may be directly interfaced to an Axiom Pro MFD to be shared among the system's Axiom and Axiom Pro MFDs. Video from such sources may also be encoded (FAQ found here) to supply video to any MFD running LightHouse II or LightHouse 3 software. A feature suggestion will be logged to consider an IP underwater fishing camera within Raymarine's product line. In interim, one of the solutions specified will need to be employed.

Please click here more information concerning feature suggestions.
Thanks for the prompt reply.

I have a 1080 camera that can be set to NTSC. What Raymaraine cable do I need to interface camera and where do I find the pinouts for wiring?, can't see it in manual.
I have a Axiom 9.

Please see the corrected link within my prior response. Unlike Axiom Pro MFDs, the Axiom MFDs do not feature an analog video interface. Should your Axiom MFD not be networked to an Axiom Pro MFD, then the Axiom MFD may only accept video from a compatible IP video source. That IP video source would be interfaced to the Axiom MFD's Ethernet NETWORK socket. The Ethernet NETWORK sockets of Axiom and Axiom Pro MFDs are designed to accept an Ethernet cable having a RayNet (F) plug. Raymarine's Ethernet networking cables, components, and adapters may be found here.
I've gone through the specs of current visible cameras Raymarine have but can't see one that specifies compatability with Axion - Lighthouse 3.

Which of the Raymarine visible IP cameras (doesn't need to be waterproof) can be interfaced to the Axiom MFD's Ethernet NETWORK socket via Raynet (F) plug? .

The FAQ found here addresses video input sources for MFDs using LightHouse II and LightHouse 3. Unlike Axiom Pro MFDs, Axiom MFDs do not feature a NTSC/PAL video interface, limiting them to use with IP cameras or analog video which has been encoded. Raymarine's CAM200IP, CAM210IP, and CAM220 IP cameras are each weatherproof rated to IPX6 and IPX7. These IP cameras all feature a RJ45 plug which will be adapted to be mated to the Axiom MFD's. Network cabling components may be found within each respective camera's installation guide.
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