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Full Version: Gear Up For 2016 Sales event
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Boat 1 was non issue. Bought e7D MFD with sounder from marine dealer and forwarded bill, bar code from box and documentation per instructions.
Boat 2 is more complicated. Combination is e7D and Evolution autopilot. Lots of mechanical bits and pieces, so using authorized Raymarine installer.
1) Boat is on the hard. It's winter in Canada right now.
2) Installer is working around weather and other jobs.
3) Work order has been issued and he has my deposit.
4) e7D and autopilot control head are being mounted in a pod and are at his shop being prefitted.
5) The drive, rudder position, ACU and sensor are on the boat. The drive is awaiting brackets etc but the ACU and sensor are physically mounted but not wired yet.
6) The installation won't likely be considered finished until the boat is launched and the system commissioned. The final bill will be issued at that time and will include his labour, brackets, wiring etc.
Questions. What do I need to submit the rebate claim for boat 2? Each piece has unique serial numbers. In addition to the stuff for the e7D MFD, do I need to submit the work order, the package bar codes for the ACU, head, drive unit, sensor or just the ACU which is basically the brains for the auto-pilot?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Robert,

Full details, requirement, and terms of the Gear Up for 2016 Sales Event may be found here. For Promotional Convenience Packs (ex. T70213 A78 MFD / Radar Value Pack, etc.) and bundled products (ex. T70156 EV-200 Power Pilot), the serial number and bar codes for the individual major products within these Promotional Convenience Packs or bundled products must be provided.
Thanks Chuck.
That means I need the serial number and bar code for the P70 control head. Depending on weather, that should be sometime next week. I hope.
You're welcome.
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