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Full Version: [CA] Track limitations with Axiom Pro
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Reading the manual for my yet to be installed 9RVX, it states that the maximum number of tracks is 15--10,000 points per track, but only 15? I had intended importing saved tracks via the GPS Utility software from my previous plotters, but this will not be possible due to this constraint. I've worked the waypoint file sizes down to under the max 10,000, and imported them successfully onto the device powered up on the bench, but hadn't bothered with track at the time. Unless I am not understanding this, it means, apart from not being able to import my saved tracks, I will just need to leave the track running all day (one big track), rather than turning it on and off when desired, which would create a lot of smaller tracks which I normally work with.
I see that it will hold up to 250 Routes--would I be better off converting any I wish to save from Tracks to Routes?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum ranmar850,

Please note that as far as memory allocation for waypoints, routes, and track is concerned, waypoints and track points are two different data items. Accordingly, should one max out the number of waypoints permitted, then it will additionally be possible to additionally store fifteen fifteen tracks having up to 10,000 track points each within the MFD's internal memory. This limitation applies only to the MFD's internal memory. Should a chart card or microSD card be inserted within the MFD's memory, then saved tracks may be exported to the chart card or memory card for later use. Should the MFD's track memory be full at the time that one of these tracks saved to the chart card or microSD card is later needed, then one would simply delete a track(s) within the MFD's internal memory (one may want to export them to the chart card or microSD card first) and then import the desired track(s) into the MFD's internal memory. Should one have a very large number of waypoints, then a similar approach would be taken with those. The reality is that no one is likely to ever navigate to 10,000 different waypoints within a single day, single weekend, or single week for that matter. By dividing ones waypoints into a number of GPX files based on geographic location, type of fish, etc., and then saving these GPX files on the chart card or microSD card, then the MFD's memory may be purged of the waypoints not needed for that day, weekend, or week and then be populated with the waypoints from the desired GPX files.

Regarding converting fishing tracks to routes, while certainly possible, this is not what this feature was designed for. I would typically recommend that the tracks not immediately needed within the MFD's internal memory be exported to the chart card or microSD card and then those not immediately needed by deleted from the MFD's internal memory.
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