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Full Version: (DG) Easy replacement of Quantum 1 for Quantum 2? / Quantum 2 with Lighthouse II?
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I'm thinking about exchanging my Quantum 1 (connected via WiFi to es98) against Quantum 2 when it's available,

But I wonder about these two questions:

1. Has Quantum 2 the same power connector? That means, can I simply swap Quantum 1 antenna against Quantum 2 antenna without the need to run a new wire?

2. Will Quantum 2 be compatible with Lighthouse II?

Hi JBuss

Thank you for your enquiry

Quantum 2 will only operate with LHIII software and so will not operate on LHII units, the eS98 will have to have the software updated to LHIII, (otherwise, although the Quantum 2 will work, you will not get any of the benefits of the Doppler!).

The connections are exactly the same for power and data.


I would like to upgrade to Quantum2 radar. I currently have an E95 and E97 MFDs running on Lighthouse 2. How do I update to Lighthouse 3?
Hi Winterb221

The displays you have cannot be updated to run LH3 operating system and so cannot be used with the advanced features in Quantum 2.

Only eS Series and gS Series can be updated to run LH3, the a Series, c Series and e Series cannot be updated to LH3 and so as LH2 units, they can connect to Quantum 2, they will show the standard Quantum features, but will not enable to advanced Quantum 2 features such as Doppler.

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