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Full Version: (DG) Older Radar/ Ray dome capability
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We purchased a 1990 Wellcraft that has a Raytheon R20X Raster Scan Radar display and a 24" enclosed Radome. The numbers are faded on the Ray dome but from research I believe it to be a M89950(still is Raytheon branded). We believe that these are original units so circa 1990.

The unit (display) does not power up. We boat on the Mississippi/ St Croix River and radar is not a must, honestly have never had a boat with it. Thru research I have found the the displays go bad but rarely do the radomes themselves. I am trying to find a used unit to install just to have an operational unit that is likely to be used just a handful of times a year. I have found a R40X unit and I believe this unit would be a plug and play for the R20X I have.

Can someone lend me some insite please??
Hi boardman74

I believe this is a duplicate post, but the Radome you have can be connected to either a R20X display or an R40X display
It was a double because I thought the other one did not post. Then almost 24 hours later they both posted. Sorry for that..
Hi boardman74
no worries, have a great day!
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