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Full Version: Latitude and longitude coordinate conversion
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Latitude and longitude coordinate conversion

Latitude and longitude coordinates can be expressed in using a number of different units:
- DDD.dddddd (Degrees*)
- DDD - MM.mmm (Degrees and Minutes*)
- DDD - MM - SS.s (Degrees, Minutes, and Seconds*)

* in systems not providing a hemisphere indicator (N/S or E/W, a positive value will typically indicate north latitude or east longitude)

Click here to view a tutorial addressing how to convert coordinates from degrees to degrees and minutes, and then to degree, minutes, and seconds. There are any number of free web based tools available via the Internet to support such conversions. One such tool supporting all three of the formats listed above may be found here.

Raymarine's MFDs are designed to support DDD - MM.mmm units for latitude and longitude coordinates.

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