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Full Version: (DG) Which display is compatible with which Radome
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We recently purchased a 1990 Wellcraft that has a Ratheon R20X Raster Scan Radar unit and a 24" radome that I believe is a M89950 (still Raytheon branded). I say believe because the numbers are faded. Equipment appears original so probably circa 1990ish.

Problem I have is the unit won't power up. From research it seems the displays burn out a lot more than the radomes. We boat on the Mississippi and St Croix Rivers and radar is not a must. I;d probably use it just a handful of times a season. I am looking for compatible display that would be plug and play with what I have installed. Of course another 20X would be great but I haven't located one. I did locate a 40X display and from what I have read it should be compatible?

Is this correct?
Hi boardman74

Thank you for your enquiry.

These earlier Radar systems were not as plug and play as current systems, but either a R20X or R40X display can be connected to this antenna.

Thank you for the reply. I was hoping the R40X would work since I located a working one. I am removing the R20X this weekend and will be bench testing to make sure it is indeed junk.

Is there a way to test the antenna without a working display?

What is the difference between the R20 and the R40?
Hi boardman74

There is no way to test the antenna without a working display since the processing of the signals is all carried out in the display.

For your information, below is a diagram of the connections used in the interunit cable.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=1664]

The difference is that the R40X has a 10" display compared to the R20X which has an 7" display.

So I was able to get to the boat to remove the R20X that wasn't working. When I got home and test the unit works fine. Powers right up and goes thru any items I try.

So I am 99% sure I have an issue of power in the boat. So I need to sort that out.

Question is I cut the power cord about 24 inches from the unit to test at home. Now I need to splice it back. Red to red and black to black, obviously. Does anything need to be done with the wire mesh casing that surrounds the red/ black wires just inside the rubber outside casing? Or is just another layer of protection?
Hi boardman74

The Power cable is Red positive and Black negative, the outer mesh is an RF screen wire and should be connected if you are using it, either to the boats ground, or battery negative.

good afternoon.
My name is Javier.
I am the happy owner of a magnificent Nicholson 32.
My old Raytheon R10XX starts giving problems on your screen.
I want to ask you if I can change this R10XX screen for an R20XX while keeping the R10XX antenna.
Thank you.
Hi Javier,

Thankyou for your enquiry.

The R10XX and the R20XX use a different Radome and so the displays would not be interchangeable.

Thanks you.
You are welcome.
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