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Full Version: (DG) Installing new Raymarine products
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Just purchased all the items in my diagram, I have removed all the old Raymarine products. Boat is a 2005 Aquasport 275 Explorer with twin F225s. I removed the old C80 and the new Axiom 9 Pro is sized quit a bit different, does Raymarine make a adaptor kit. I have also attached a diagram for the install, could you please review to ensure I am setting everything up correctly. Thank you Kurt.
Hi Kurt Warneke
Thank you for your enquiry below,

The AXIOM 9 PRO is quite a different shape to the C80 and so we do not have an adapter plate available. The Plate used for the AXIOM instead of the AXIOM PRO could possibly be adapted, but it would be tricky and we would suggest it is better to fabricate your own plate instead.

The diagram that you attached looks good, with the exception of the STng cabling and connections. See the connection panel below . . .

[Image: attachment.php?aid=1666]

There is only one NMEA2000 (fully compatible with STng) connection. Your diagram shows the STng spur for the Evolution pilot connected to one of the RayNet network connections, this is incorrect, RayNet is used to connect additional displays, radar and sonar modules and carries video and data, whereas NMEA2000 only carries nav data.
The Spur cable you have shown connecting the AXIOM 9 PRO to the T piece should be removed and instead you should connect the backbone to a new 5 way connector block (instead of the T piece) - this new 5 way block will have the terminator in one end and then connect the p70Rs to one of the spurs on the 5 way block and the AXIOM PRO 9 to another of the spur connectors.

Thank you for your response.

I have included the updated diagram for review as I think I am getting it ?
Hi Kurt Warneke

Thanks for the updated schematic, you are very nearly correct!

The only change you need to make now is to disconnect the SPUR cable connected to NET on your diagram and reconnect that same spur to the NMEA2000 connector on the AXIOM 9 PRO, then you are all set.

Thank you for your time, I am now good to go.
Hi Kurt Warneke

Excellent news,
pleased we were able to help,
best regards
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