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Full Version: (DG) sd card
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can i upgrade sd card
Hi 206nolan

Thank you for your enquiry.

Can you be more specific please? what do you ant to upgrade, increase capacity? Why do you want to do this? What issues are you experiencing?
the sd card supplied is an 8gb. It seams that somtimes ( not always ) when in the 3dmode the mfd has a hard time staying on and the screen will freeze. maybe it is trying to map the bottom and doesnt have enough room on card to store info. When i removed card and tried to do updates from this site i got a mesage that said not enough room on card. I was able to do updates wirelesly with wifi. the other day when i was moving into a favorite ancorage spot that is kinda tricky to get in just right the whole thing stoped working and if i didnt have knowlege of area i would have been in trouble. All modes were in auto and i was only in about 10 feet of water
Hi 206nolan

The card that you have which is 8gB, is this the chart card? You may find this link that is here usefullif your 8gB card is full with the sonarchart data.

The MFD does not store the 3D Realvision data on the mSD card, but it does store the sonarchart depth information

What cartography are you using? Navionics or CMAP?

We advise do not use the chart card to load software updates as well, there is a possibility the software update could corrupt the chart card, so always use a different micro SD card for the software updates.

What MFD are you using?

Can you check SONAR LOG in DEPTHS and CONTOURS is turned OFF as well?
Are you also recording track points as well,possibly you have exceeded the maximum number of track history points allowed? Try reducing the distance between track points and increasing the time between recording points.

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