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Full Version: [CA] Using a Loran antenna with a VHF radio
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I removed a RayNav 520 from a boat we recently purchased. This is an old 1990 era Loran C unit so even though it functions, obviously not a useable item with the loran C system no longer broadcasting.

When removing it I noticed the antenna had the same coupling as a VHF antenna/radio and looks similar also.

My question is this, is the antenna the same as a VHF antenna? Can it be used for a VHF Radio? I ask because I am mounting a VHF where the 520 was and that would be very convenient.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum boardman74,

RF antennas are designed / tuned for operation within a specific range of frequencies based upon the device which they will be interfaced to. Loran signal was transmitted within the low frequency (160-180kHz) range while VHF transmits within the very high frequency (VHF) range (160-240MHz). Accordingly, it is not recommended that a Loran antenna be substituted for a VHF antenna for use with a VHF radio.
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