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Full Version: [CA11] SeaTalkNG - Adapter Waterproof?
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I have a Statalk NG Tee that feeds my EV-1 and it was underwater (The Tee). My Autopilot stopped working. I tracked it down and believe that it shorted out. I took the Tee out of commission to test every thing and it worked again. Just need to get another Tee. Am I missing something? Thanks, Brett
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Brett,

SeaTalkng networking components are designed to be weatherproof. While these components are designed to support use where they may be exported to rain and spray, they are not designed to installed in locations where they will be subjected to submersion. Further, when installing a T-Piece, 5-Way Connector, or SeaTalk to SeaTalkng Converter in a location where they will be subject to rain or spray, a best installation practice is that these components be installed with the spur socket(s) oriented downward. In addition to replacing the T-Piece, it is recommended that any Termination plug and the plug(s) of backbone or spur cable which had been interfaced to the T-Piece be inspected for signs of corrosion and that the component(s) be replaced should any corrosion be identified.
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