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Full Version: [CA] seatalkng upgrade
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replacing all my electronics this season. Attached is a proposed system diagram. The MFD and the pilot control are on the pedestal of this 37' sailboat. You will note three options for tying in the MFD and the Pilot control to the network. Your thoughts on which option would be preferable, and certainly all other input is most welcome.
Hi kevindr

Option 3 would be the better solution.

Also the i60Wind and i50 Depth and i50 Speed all should be connected individually to the backbone, not daisychained together

Please also checkout this FAQ here and please also check here


Thank you, understood about option 3.


With regards to the three instruments. They are in a pod over the companionway and I already ran a white spur cable to them. Access was very difficult and I had to cut off all the terminals from the 3 transducers, perform a very difficult snake, and re attach new terminals. Id rather not have to go thru this again.
If I did, I guess I would also need a backbone going in and going out of the pod, otherwise I would have three backbone end points, which I’m not sure if that’s allowed.

What are the ramifications of not complying with NMEA 2000, and also, what sort of data errors could I expect ?

Hi Kevin,

OK, understand the issue you ave, your option would be to either run three spur cables into the pod or to take the backbone up there and loop it into and out of the pod then connect the three displays through individual spurs to this backbone loop.

The issue of having three displays on a daisychain is that you may see some random loss of data from time to time, you may see data from one or other of the displays not share throughout the network. I can only suggest try it, and if it all seems OK, then fine, otherwise if you start seeing odd issues with loss of data or slow updates of data, then you will have to have another go at it as I have suggested above.


thank you very much for your assistance. Your customer service is one of the big reasons I will always stay with Raymarine.

Hi Kevindr

you are most welcome!

kind regards

Can I install a t-fitting in backbone with no spur at this time. It will be used next season for additional equipment, or must I put in a backbone connector.
HI kevindr
Yes,you can fit either a T piece or a 5 way connector block and the spur cables can be connected later, if you have empty spur connections,simply use an A06032 STng spur blanking plug to protect the exposed pins until you are ready to fit a spur cable.

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