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Full Version: [CA] Axiom Auto Track
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I recently upgraded to 3.3.170. I have "auto track" turned on. It seems since upgrading to this build I get a track point inserted before the GPS has a valid LAT/LON, hence everytime I turn off and then on my MFD i get a wild point to LAT/LON=0 in my track file. Is it something I turned on or did a coder take out the valid LAT/LON check? Thanks much, Anthony
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Anthony,

This behavior has indeed been present since outset. To avoid this behavior, it is recommended that the day's track be stopped and then saved (if of value) prior to shutting down the equipment at the end of the day. However, as a result of this report, feature change request will be submitted to not create track points whenever the system has either not acquired a GPS position or the GPS sensing device loses its position FIX.

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