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I have purchased GPS Utility so as to be able to utilise a lot of waypoints on my new Axiom/Axiom RVX system I have saved from different systems in .usr format. The saving as .gpx, and displaying on the new system has been relatively straightforward, but I'm not too keen on the symbol sets used. The majority of the marks were in .usr format from C Plot, and I loaded the appropriate symbol set for that. I used quite a wide range of symbols and colours on that machine. However, when i save as .gpx and display on the Axiom, they mostly default to a red x. This seems to correspond to selecting Lighthouse as the symbol set. Other logical options would appear to be RaytechNav or Raymarine C120. Which one is used by the Lighthouse 3.3 on the Axiom?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum ranmar850,

MFD's running LightHouse 3 software (ex. Axiom & Axiom Pro MFDs) support the same waypoint symbol set first introduced for Raymarine's LightHouse II MFD software. It is quite possible that GPS Utility does not include the symbol attribute when converting data between format. We have seen that GPS utility does not import symbol data form Raymarine GPX files. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing the full list of LightHouse II / LightHouse 3 symbols. The symbol set supported by RayTech software and C-Series Classic MFDs is a subset of the symbol set supported by LightHouse II and LightHouse 3 MFD software. Should you continue to use GPS Utility for your waypoint planning / archival applications, then you may want to consider lobbying GPS Utility to include support for the waypoint symbol set supported by LightHouse II and LightHouse 3 MFD software, as well as for C-Plot.
Thank you for that. Unfortunately, the Lighthouse symbol set degrades my complex set of CPlot marks and colours to 2 main marks types and just one colour, red, when I apply it. The Raytech Nav symbols actually more closely correspond to the C Plot when applied , particularly with regard to colours, and with more variety. If the RayTech is a subset of Lighthouse, am I able to save the file and load it on the Axiom, and have them display the same or will they be be changed to the Lighthouse marks by the LH 3 OS?

Oh, and I forgot to mention--if I were at home I'd just be trying it for myself by putting the card into the unit on the bench,, but I'm working away, and doing all this editing in my spare time--it would just be nice to know if I am heading in the right direction, so iIcan go ahead and do all 10 files, and not know I am wasting my time by using the wrong symbol set.

When I reference RayTech, I am referring to Raymarine's RayTech RNS 6.2 and RayTech Planner 6.2. The symbol set produced by this computer application is the same as that which had been supported by Raymarine's A/C/E-Series Classic MFDs, C/E-Series Widescreen MFDs, and G-Series GPM400s. This same symbol set and more symbols are present supported by Raymarine Voyage Planner and Raymarines MFDs running LightHouse II and LightHouse 3 software. However, RayTech RNS / Planner 6.2 is not designed to support waypoint/route planning for MFDs running LightHouse II and LightHouse 3 software. Raymarine Voyage Planner software is offered for such purposes. When GPX files produced by Raymarine Voyage Planner are imported into MFDs running LightHouse II and LightHouse 3 software, the symbols assigned within Voyage Planner will be persist after importing the GPX file into the MFD.

Waypoint symbol sets are not universal among marine electronics manufacturers and navigational planning software producers. The unfortunate result is that waypoint symbols are often lost when porting waypoints and routes from one manufacturers marine electronics to another or from some third party navigational planning software to marine electronics. This is generally addressed by using a navigational planning application produced or by the marine electronics manufacturer. Well designed third party navigational planning software will often feature a setting whereby the operator may specify the make/model of marine electronics that waypoint/route/track data will be exported for use with. When so configured, the third party navigational planning software will then limit the waypoint symbol set available during planning to that of the targeted marine electronics. Some may even try to map one manufacturer's symbol set to another manufacturer's symbol set. That said, a feature request will be submitted to consider support for the symbol set supported by C-Plot computer navigational planning software.

Please click here more information concerning feature suggestions.
Thank you, Chuck. After uploading my latest attempts into my Axiom Pro, I have come to the conclusion that the Raytech Nav symbol set in GPSU offers the best conversion, albeit still with a very limited set of colours and symbols after Lighthouse 3.3 displays them. From what you have said re the Voyage Planner software, I take it there is some ability to change to edit waypoint icons within it--does this include the possibility of doing mass change of a particular icon, or is this just on individual waypoints? Or is it possible to import a GPX file saved with the Raytech Nav symbol set, save it within Voyage Planner, then have it display on the Axiom with the set intact?
This would provide a useful workaround. if so, I will purchase the software.

Per my prior response, the same waypoint symbol set supported by RayTech RNS / Planner 6.2 software is supported by Raymarine Voyage Planner and Raymarine MFDs running LightHouse II and LightHouse 3 software. I additionally indicated that the Voyage Planner symbol set adds to those supported by RayTech RNS / Planner 6.2 software and is identical that that supported by Raymarine MFDs running the latest LightHouse II and LightHouse 3 software. Voyage Planner does not support bulk changes to waypoint symbols. Voyage Planner does not support editing of waypoint symbols (i.e. creating one's own waypoint symbols). Like RayTech RNS / Planner 6.2 software, Raymarine Voyage Planner software supports editing a waypoint's attributes, one of which is selection of the symbol which one would like to have displayed at the waypoint's location.
I have purchased the Voyage Planner software, downloaded, and struck an immediate problem. It requires a map to be downloaded before it can even be opened, and according to the map purchase page, there is not a single map of any kind in the list which covers the western half of Australia.

Contrary to your statement, Voyage Planner requires no chart to simply manage waypoints or routes, assuming that you do not desire to view these items overlaid on a chart. However, should you desire to view these items overlaid on a chart, then it would be necessary to either install the Navionics cartography from your Navionics chart card (should you have one for use with your MFD) into the Voyage Planner software. While others may use downloaded LightHouse charts or NOAA cartography, this is not an option for those in western Australia.
I obviously had an issue with my installation of Voyage Planner. I re-installed yesterday, problem fixed. I don't have my Navionics chart card with me ( away at work again) so the loading of charts will have to wait for now. I did a few experimental loads of files from GPSU sorting into Voyage Planner, and it does appear to be of value to me for my current need of getting my waypoint icons into something more recognisable. It seems that simply saving the original C-Plot marks as. gpx, and using the SSCPlot symbol set, gives me 9 different icons (only 2 colours) on Voyage Planner. This is reduced from 14 ( 6 colours)in the original files, but is a big improvement to the 2 or 3 I was getting when using any of the supplied Raymarine symbol sets in GPSU. Some back checking of individual waypoints with the original file shows a consistency.
So, if, as you say, the icons as displayed in VP will directly translate to the same in LH3, i would consider this my best outcome. Thank you for your help.
You're welcome.
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