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Full Version: [CA] Antenna Cable Extension for AIS 650 GPS
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I have an AIS 650. The cable for the GPS antenna is a few feet short of what I need for ideal placement of both the AIS unit and the GPS.

Can I extend the GPS antenna cable? Can this be done with standard RF connectors and cable? Does Raymarine offer an extension cable?

I previously called Raymarine tech support. They said to buy A06040, which turned out to be a SeaTalk ng spur cable. As you can see in the attached photo of the GPS antenna and cable which came with the AIS 650, it is definitely an RF cable and not a SeaTalk ng connection. (The 3m SeaTalk ng spur cable is next to the GPS in the photo.)


The part number to extend the cable of the AIS650's passive GPS antenna is E36011. Excess cable should be loosely coiled and secured to a bulkhead.
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