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Full Version: (DG) Auto Pilot off Alarm
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Since upgrading the software on my ST70 and SmartPilot X10 auto pilot I am receiving a Pilot failure alarm erratically. Sometimes it is only long enough to pop-up on the screen and other times I have acknowledge the alarm to stop it. The auto pilot seems to work fine otherwise and if I turn off the ST70 head I know longer get the messages. I ran the ST70 diagnostic and everything passed but the last test. This test shows a diagram of the ST70 buttons and the message is: "Teszt Eredmeny FAIL nyomjon MENU-t a kilepeshez" I have checked all the connections and they seem fine. What is causing this please and how do I fix it. In a little more than two weeks we plan to cross over to the Bahamas so I need to have confidence the autopilot is working properly. Thanks.
Hi 2thfish

Thank you for your enquiry.

The failure appears to be in the ST70 display, you could try to reload the software into the display again, try to reset it, but if no better, then the ST70 will need to be returned to our workshop for further investigation.

The unit can be sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be serviced.

I'll try reloading the update. In the case the update doesn't solve the problem will a control head such as the p70r work with my current SmartPilot X10?. Thanks.
Hi 2thfish

Thank you for the feedback, a p70r willwork with the SPX10 computer.
I replaced the ST70 with a p70r and the dockside set up went well but it failed on auto learn during the calibration trial. In looking at what might be the cause I notice that auto pilot is not moving the rudder arm very far. For example, during the handover test it goes just past cent not all the way to starboard. What could be the cause of this? Gordon
HI 2thfish

Have you checked all connections and switches to make sure there is plenty of voltage and current available for the computer and Drive?

With the Autopilot in STANDBY,does the rudder angle move correctly and fully to Port and to Starboard?

Is there a problem with the Drive unit? This FAQ click here to view will give some advice on testing the drive.

If the drive tests OK and the Rudder reference unit works fine, then there must be an issue with the SPX10, which will need to be returned for further investigation.

Derek -- Thanks for the quick reply. We don't have a rudder reference indicator so that doesn't apply. When in Standby the system steers and responds as it should. I will check the drive this morning. Gordon
Hi 2thfish

You're welcome
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