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Full Version: [CA] Axiom 9 RV seeing down-rigger weight
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I have a dragonfly and A-57D on my boat. I seem to only be able to see my down-rigger wt and or attractors while I am trolling on the A-57D while set at 50 mhz and I can't see this on my dragonfly. I plan to replace the dragonfly with a new Axiom 9 with real vision will I be able to see my wt, attractors or fishing lines with the Axiom as if I can I wanted to get to the point were I only had to operate one mfd, (stop using the A57D also) If the Axiom can't see a 10 lb weight in the water what else would I be missing that the Axiom isn't showing me?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum 1851DC,

It's quite unusual to receive a report from a Dragonfly customer who was unable to see sonar imaging which included downriggers (assuming that they were deep enough to be within the cone of the CHIRP conical or DownVision sonar). In contrast to this report, one of our most common complaints with early Dragonfly software was that the Dragonfly display's auto ranging feature was locking up downrigger [censored]. I would be more inclined to suspect that the lack of sensitivity was indicative an incorrect configuration setting (i.e. not operating in Auto and then reducing the sensitivity levels) or of a problem with the Dragonfly display or its transducer. You may want to consider trying to set the sensitivity settings to auto or increasing the sensitivity settings of your Dragonfly display to address this issue.

That said, one should quite readily expect that an Axiom RV MFD or Axiom Pro RVX MFD with a RV transducer will detect downrigger [censored] if they are within the cone angle of the selected sonar source.
Thank you, Chuck
I do see the weight in the chirp sonar and I was just looking at some pictures of the dragonfly screen that I had taken in the past showing both the chirp sonar and the down-vision view and I actual saw the down-rigger line (caused by the weight) on the down-vision screen in a couple of pictures but might have a hard time seeing while on the boat. So maybe I just haven't always had the MFD adjusted correctly.
I would then assume that I would be able to see the depth of the weight in the real vision and down-vision views using the axiom?
One other question about the Axiom: Does this have two negative or ground wires and is there a special way of wiring up power to a new Axiom?

Q1. Does this have two negative or ground wires and is there a special way of wiring up power to a new Axiom?
A1. The Axiom MFD's power leads will be connected to a switched +12VDC (preferably switched) and battery ground respectively. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing what to do with the Power Cable's drain lead.

Thank you very much for your feed back.

I've downloaded the axiom installation manual and I see that I'll wire this to a switch that already has it's own fuse in the panel.

Thanks again,
You're welcome.
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