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Per your forum, I have installed Axis encoders in order to use my existing Raymarine analog cameras with my new Axiom MFDs. I have the Axis M7011s connected to a Netgear PoE switch and the switch is wired to the Raynet network switch. Everything works fine and I can view the cameras on all 5 Axiom units. However, when in the camera settings, under the "image" heading there are no items to chose from like mirror image. Even when I tested a Raymarine IP camera, the only setting under "image" was brightness. Are these settings dependent on the cameras or will the settings be coming in a future software update?

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Q. When in the camera settings, under the "image" heading there are no items to chose from like mirror image.
A. LightHouse II and LightHouse 3 operating systems do not support such adjustments to the video image. The MFD simply repeats the image that has been streamed via the encoder or received from the IP camera. Accordingly, should a Raymarine reverse image CAM50 or reverse image CAM200 be interfaced to an encoder, then its reversed image would appear within the MFD's Camera application. Compatible IP cameras such as Raymarine's CAM210, CAM220, and CAM220IP may be configured (by using a computer to access the IP camera's web page) to reverse the camera's image.
Thank you Chuck. I asked the question because after reading section 13.3 in the advanced manual I thought the settings when applicable would appear.


The Flip Image Horizontal and Flip Image Vertical settings within LightHouse 3's Camera app are applicable only to compatible FLIR thermal cameras which are designed to stream video (ex. M132, M232, etc.).
Understood Chuck. Thank you again.

You're welcome.
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