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Full Version: [CA] C80 with DSM30 Connection Problems
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I'm using a C80 with a DSM30 and P79 transducer. The C80 reports depth info for about 5 seconds and then stops and gives a no input error. After about 1 min it repeats this pattern. My C80 software is the latest available v5.16.I have tried to update the DSM 30 software and it completes to 100% on all blue bars but then gives a blue screen software error at line 460.How do I update the DSM30 and will the update fix the problem?Thanks
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Please click here to view a FAQ addressing C-Series Classic MFD systems exhibiting these symptoms. As specified within the referenced FAQ, should the C-Series MFD's Fishfinder application plot be freezing or should the Fishfinder application report No Data Source or DSM Connection Lost, then please note that this problem cannot be corrected by updating the DSM's software.
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