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Full Version: Protecting power and comms cable plugs when removing equipment from boat
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Protecting power and communications cable plugs when removing equipment from boat

It is not uncommon for bracket mounted equipment to be removed from the vessel after each use or when a vessel is laid up. Unfortunately, Raymarine has not introduced cable plug caps for its power cables, power/data cables, communications cables, and transducer cables. However, a R70014 RayNet Cable Puller may be used to cap the Raymarine Ethernet cable terminated with a RayNet (F) plug. An assembly constructed from an A06074 SeaTalkng Inline Terminator and an A06031 SeaTalkng Terminator may be used to cap a SeaTalkng Spur Cable. The plugs of cables any remaining cable may be covered with plastic bags to reduce exposure to the marine environment. For those concerned about potential corrosion of the plug's contacts, a bit of dielectric paste (ex. Dow Corning DC4, etc.) may be used on a plug's contacts to prevent such corrosion.

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