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Full Version: (DG) Axiom and Knot meter upgrade
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I have a 2012 Leopard 39 setup with a St60+ instruments. TriData, wind and St6002 autopilot connected to a C90w. I am removing the C90w and upgrading to an Axiom 12 with a RKM-10 remote, and an Quantum radar. I also want to add a knot meter input.

Question #1 Is the system diagram I created correct?

Question #2 Which model of knot meter should I purchase. One that connects to my existing St60+ Tridata or one that connects to the SeaTalkNG network?

Hi slakose

Thank you for your enquiry.

Thanks for the diagram, the Quantum radar outputs SThs via RayNet and so would not plug into the STng converter block, the Quantum could either be operated through Wireless to the AXIOM, it would still need a 12v power supply, but would WiFi to the AXIOM.

Alternatively use cable RayNet from the Quantum and you would need an HS5 network switch to link the Raynet from the Quantum, the Raynet from the RMK10 and the Raynet from the AXIOM together. click here for details about the HS5.

The AXIOM will still need to connect to the Converter through a spur cable so that it can share navigation data with the ST60 displays.

The log transducer you would require for the ST60+ Tridata is part number E26031

Round 2

Thank you for your feedback. I missed that I need Raynet to connect the to Axiom, the remote and the radar. Attached is an updated diagram. (I’m an engineer and trying to better understand the Raymarine network topology.)

I purchased the Quantum with the data cable capacity. While I know the Wifi will work, I just prefer cables with the Wifi as a redundant communication method.

Question #1
I assume that I need to E22158 to convert from Seatalk to SeaTalkNG and a connection point for the Raynet. Is there a better more efficient way to do this?

Question #2
I assume that the A06075 cable I purchased is designed to go from the E22158 to Raynet.

Question #3
I need to run the cable from port forward to aft starboard (I’m a Leopard Catamaran). I’m not sure the 45 foot cable will be long enough. I see the Raymarine E25025 with a 20 meter (60 foot cable), what is the difference? (other than double the price).

Hi Steve,

Thanks for your questions,

The Use of the E22158 is the best option, the converter has the best interface capability and is specifically for the general network interface rather than restricted just to a specific job.

Point 2 no, the A06075 is designed to connect the E220158 to the STng / NMEA2000 connection on the AXIOM, this is not RayNet connection which is used to connect to the Quantum, Sonar and to other networked displays. Raynet is based on an ethernet protocol whereas STng is based on NMEA2000.

The only difference in transducers is the cable assembly, the price differential is due to the fact we sell very few and so they have a higher stocking price.

I have to thank you for your help. I installed the new Axiom 12, Raymarine RM-10 remote, HS5 switch and E22158 converter. EVERYTHING went together easily with no problems or hiccups. The old c90W was good, but the new Axiom is fantastic.
HI slakose

Excellent News!!

Delighted to be able to help
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