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Full Version: [CA] RCU-3 Connection to LH3
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I have upgraded my eS78 from LH2 to LH3. I am unable to find out how to connect my RCU-3 remote to the unit?
As I run this set-up on a jetski and I have a waterproof cover over the unit the remote is really pretty critical!
If this function is not going to be available, is it possible to downgrade the unit back to LH2?
Thanks for any assistance.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Ian,

Per the Appendix D LightHouse 3 on eS and gS Series of the LightHouse 3.3 Advanced Operation Instructions, the RCU-3 is not supported in LightHouse 3.3, but remains among the features being considered for a future LightHouse 3 software update. To view more on this subject, please see the Raymarine’s web site.

The MFD's software may indeed be downgraded by populating a microSD memory card with the LightHouse II v19.03 software update files, switching the MFD OFF, inserting the microSD memory card with software update files into the MFD's memory card reader, and then switching the MFD ON. Upon completion of the software update, the microSD memory card with software update files will need to be replaced with the chart card.
Thanks Chuck - please ignore the PM I sent to you!
You're welcome.
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