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Full Version: (DG) ST6001 on a new AXIOM RV Unit
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I currently have a ST6001 autopilot and Pathfinder Radar on a C120 that I want to connect it to a new AXIOM RV 9" unit, what do I need to purchase to make this happen? The C120 works great, I just want to upgrade to the real view system. Thanks!
Hi Jefreg

Thank you for your enquiry.

The ST6001 and C120 will all communicate through SeaTalk. The AXIOM will communicate using STng, the problem connecting the AXIOM to the C120 is that they will conflict in terms of which one wants to be the master display.

This link click here gives more information.

Thank you for your response, it is appreciated.

For clarity I will be retiring the c120 and all other current electronics with the exception of the ST6001 autopilot that I would like to continue to use with a new Axiom RV unit. In your link it is mentioned that I "may require a SeaTalk to SeaTalkng Converter(s)". Can you please let me know what this product is so I can order it to make my ST6001 work the the new Axiom unit.

Thank you.
HI Jefreg

Thankyou for your feedback, the SeaTalk to STng converter is used to convert the SeaTalk used by the ST6001 autopilot to STng, which is the data protocol used by the AXIOM. The part number for the kit is E22158 and this link gives further details.

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