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Full Version: [CA] e120 to RS130
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I have acquired 2 e120s and and and a rs130 gps. The e120s are networked together with a DSM300 and work fine, although I am waiting for new transducers to arrive to test it out. I am quite willing to purchase everything I need to connect a SeaTalkNG backbone to the SeaTalk 2 network and I know what I need, but I would like to test the RS130 with the NMEA 0183 network as I have pigtails to fit and I cannot find consistent wiring diagrams. I have a fairly good idea what would work, I am concerned about damage.

RS130 GPS CableNMEA Cable on E120
Yellow to white
Green to Yellow (probably no data on this line)
Shield to Brown and Green to DC -ve
Shield floating if connected to e120 internally
Brown floating
Red to +12V

I would like to know if I am correct
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Prowler10M,

Please note that the Raystar 130 and Raystar 150 GPS Sensors are exclusively designed to support NMEA 2000 communications. Accordingly, it is not possible to interface these GPS sensors to directly to the NMEA 0183 lead/terminals of a NMEA 0183 listener in a manner which would permit these devices to communicate with one another. The Raystar 130 and Raystar 150 GPS Sensors should be interfaced to an E-Series Classic MFD in the manner stated within the FAQ found here.
Thanks Chuck
An NG spur cable e.g. A06038
A06031 x 2

Is the minimum for testing?

Q. An NG spur cable e.g. A06038
A. The RS130 was packaged with a 6m spur cable. However, should it have been damaged or lost, then it may be replaced with an appropriate length of SeaTalkng Spur Cable.
Thanks Chuck. Unfortunately 1 end of the 6m spur cable was cut off when I received it. I ordered T70134 as well as a06061. The spur cable included in T70134 will work for now.
You're welcome.
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