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Full Version: [DG] DF4 pro weird readings and depth scale issue
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i have some issues on my df4pro since i purchased it.
First the "depth scale" on both down and sonar vision always differs from the depth shown on the top left and is shown correct in the wifish app.

The second issue isthat i sometimes get readings with double numbers on this scale like 0 meters 0 meters and so on.
anyone has had this issues and can help me solve it? The transducer always mounted with a portable holder about 0,5 meters below surface. i added 4 attachments showing the same screen on the df4 and wifish, and 2 of these weird reading stuff.

excuse my bad english and thanks in advance

Hi nyepantoffler

Please can you advise the software version of the Dragonfly? There looks something strange with the scale on the side too.

Hello Derek,

yes this scale on the side is the main issue. the images were taken with software version v12.10.

best regards
Hi nyepantoffler

Thanks for the update, The first move it to update the software in the DF4, the current version is 12.20, this will should correct any anomalies with the previously loaded software. Check if the issue is resolved following the update.

The update can be accessed direct from the website here .

It would also be a good idea to carry out a full reset of the unit too:-
1 - (With the unit powered off) Press and release the power key to turn it on, as soon as you see the “Dragonfly” logo on the screen, press and hold the power key.
2 - You will now see a reset menu page.
3 - Press the power key to select the required option (1. Reset FLOB and Bluetooth) which will reset the unit back to factory defaults.
4 - The unit will then count down 7 seconds and then do the option selected. If you have changed you mind, press the power key before the 7 seconds runs out,
until you get to the top of the menu with no count down.

Please make sure you have backed up any Waypoints/Tracks/User Settings that you wish to keep to an external mSD card before performing the reset. You
will not be able to recover them afterwards.

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