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Full Version: [CA] EV100: including i50 speed correctly?
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Installing a new EV100 autopilot on sailboat. Up until this point I have only had very basic instrumentation consisting of one i50 depth display and one i50 speed display (connected to separate transducers).

I'd like to get my speed data in to the EV100 properly, but I'm a little unfamiliar with SeaTalkNG and backbones vs spurs etc. I have done some reading and think I have it figured, just looking for confirmation of whether I have this right or not.

I have mockup of what I want to do but can't get attachment to insert into post (javascript error), mockup can be seen here:

Almost all of mockup it is verbatim out of EV100 install manual, just looking for confirmation that I'm adding the two i50 displays correctly. Can I go from a T piece (terminated on one end) to the speed and then just connect the speed to the depth? Or do I have to do separate spur to speed and separate spur to depth? I don't need the depth info on the network right now but want to set things up right for future use.

Any feedback appreciated.


-- Bass
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Bass,

If developing a system which will be best prepared for future expansion, it is recommended that each device having a SeaTalkng / NMEA 2000 communications interface be interfaced as an individual spur, rather than be daisy chained. Accordingly, it would be recommended that the T-Piece shown within the diagram be replaced with a 5-Way Connector. In sailing vessels, where equipment will be installed within a binnacle pod(s) the recommendations found here would apply.
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