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Full Version: [CA] Quantum 2 RADAR without EV fastheading data
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I'm still considering updating my old Classic C80 MFD along with it's older Radar (I believe RD214) and trying to do all my homework.

In the Quantum2 installation manual, I see reference to the need for "Fastheading" data to support many features of the Quantum 2 Radar.

It mentioned the need for Heading data to support "Doppler Radar features" and "MARPA Radar features" and that the Heading data requires a compass or autopilot sensor providing "Fastheading" data.

It says to use a EV-1 or EV-2 to supply this information.

Considering that I never will need nor want any type of autopilot on my boat, I'm trying to understand what Radar functions I will lose if I don't install an EV-1? Since the Quantum2 is advertised at a Doppler Radar, will most of its functions become useless?

This need seems to considerably increase the cost of this system, and also seems to reduce the usefulness of the new Quantum 2 features if I don't install an EV-1.

Is there any documentation to help me understand exactly what features I will lose without the EV-1 in my system?

This requirement seems to add about $600 to $700 to the cost of the Quantum 2 Radar if no autopilot is being used. Is there a less expensive way to add the "fastheading" data?

Thanks for any help!
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Rich,

Please click here to view a related FAQ addressing this subject. With respect to systems equipped with Quantum 2 Radomes, should the MFD running LightHouse 3 v3.4 or later software not be interfaced to a 10Hz heading data source, then the MFD's supported radar features and performance will be similar to systems featuring a Quantum radome. The primary feature which would differentiate systems lacking a 10Hz heading data source and featuring a Quantum 2 radome rather than a Quantum radome is the Doppler mode — Color palettes feature. This feature will color target returns red if the relative motion is toward the one's vessel and color target returns green if the relative motion is away from one's vessel. Should you elect to add a 10Hz heading source, I believe that you will find the EV-1 CCU to be very similarly priced to that of a third party sensor.

Thanks for this information. Can you tell me what PGNs the EV-1 is generating that is required for the Doppler and MARPA features?

Thanks for your help!

The table listing the PGNs supported by the Evolution autopilots may be found within Appendix A: NMEA 2000 sentences (PGNs) — EV-1 and EV-2 of the Evolution EV-1 and ACU Installation Instructions. Specifically, the MFD must receive PGN 127250 Vessel heading.

Please note that Raymarine MFDs feature no provision to calibrate or align third party heading sensors. Accordingly, should a third party heading sensor be used, then it would be recommended that the documentation for that sensor or the sensor's manufacturer be contacted to determine whether any additional equipment is required to calibrated and/or align the third party heading sensor.
Perfect, thank you!
You're welcome.
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