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Full Version: Cartography, radar, fishfinder, and / or video not shared between MFDs
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Cartography, radar, fishfinder, and / or video not shared between MFDs

Proper Ethernet communications is essential to sharing of high bandwidth data such as cartography, radar, fishfinder imagery, camera video, etc.. A common installation mistake is for the system's MFDs to have been interfaced to one another via a SeaTalkng / NMEA 2000 communications network rather than an Ethernet communications network. The installation mistake will prevent sharing of this high bandwidth data. Accordingly, Inspection of the installation should be performed to ensure that the MFDs have been networked to one another via an Ethernet (SeaTalkhs / RayNet) network. Networking failures can cause the subject symptom and/or unstable (restarting) or the system's MFDs. Accordingly, when experiencing such issues, it is recommended that the system's Ethernet network be inspected to ensure that:

- each of the system's Ethernet (RayNet) cables have not been damaged or spliced. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing how these cables may be tested.

- the pins of the system's Ethernet (RayNet) cable plugs are free of corrosion

- excess Ethernet (RayNet) cable has been loosely coiled so as to not create cable bends having radius of less than 6" and secured to a bulkhead ... excessively small radius cable bends may cause permanent damage to the cable(s)

- any Ethernet cable joiners, crossover couplers, or switches are of a Raymarine design

- the marine electronics Ethernet network has not been joined to the boat's own Ethernet network (should one be installed onboard to support personal computers, etc.)

- verify that any installed Ethernet switches are being properly powered

- verify that each MFD within the system of networked MFDs has been updated with the same version of software.

- should a Factory Reset operation (LightHouse 3: HOME->SETTINGS->THIS DISPLAY->FACTORY RESET; LightHouse II: HOME->SET-UP->MAINTENANCE->SYSTEM SETTINGS & DATA RESET) not have been performed to each of the system's MFDs following the last software update, then it is recommended that any waypoints, routes, and tracks of value be backed up and that a Factory Reset then be commanded on each of the system's MFDs. After doing so, then the system's MFD's may be reconfigured and backed up waypoint, routed, and tracks may then be imported back into the MFD's internal memory.

- a failure has occurred to the Ethernet communications circuitry of the MFD(s). Should the system feature other compatible products having an Ethernet communications interface, then the MFD's Ethernet communications circuitry would typically checked by testing each of its Ethernet communications ports for communications with another compatible product via an Ethernet communications cable which was known to be operational. Should a MFD's Ethernet communications circuitry be determined to have suffered a failure, then it may be sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench checked / serviced.

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