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Full Version: [CA] Back Up Camera
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I am installing a new Raymarine system including an Axiom Pro 12 S.
What camera do you recommend for back up / docking purposes.
The boat is a Regal 3880, flybridge.
Joe Iscaro
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Joe,

Raymarine's CAM210 or CAM220 would typically be recommended for this application. The CAM220 provides a low profile design suited for installation beneath an overhang or beneath a radar arch. These cameras may be configured to display a reversed image when being installed as a backup camera.
OK, thank you.
I will give the CAM-220 a try.
You're welcome.
What about if you want a much cheaper option? Pyronix perhaps?

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject.
Yes I saw this but I have been told that the authentication code on other cameras needs to be turned off every time they are switched back on. Is this true . I am looking specifically at the Pyronics 2mp outdoor camera. Cheers Mark

As indicated within the previously referenced FAQ, ONVIF User Authentication MUST BE DISABLED. Raymarine IP cameras default to this setting. Third party IP cameras and encoders must do likewise. If considering use of a third party IP camera or encoder, it is strongly recommended that seek a guarantee from the IP camera's dealer that the camera may be returned if afterwards determined to not be compatible with Raymarine MFDs. Unfortunately, we do not have any specific testing experience with Pyronix IP cameras.
I highly recommend the Cam 210 or Cam 220 since its integrated with the AR200 but if you just need some cameras to watch the people on deck, then may I recommend the FLIR N237BE or other FLIR POE cameras. They are all plug and play and you can find them pretty cheap. I've just installed one with on my boat (already have 2 cam 210s and just wanted to add a cheap camera to capture the fishing action).
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