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Full Version: (DG) Wind and STW into AP
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We are adding Wind and Paddlewheel (STW) into our backbone data. I am curious if this added information will assist the Autopilot (EV400).


Hi watsala

Thank you for your enquiry.

The EV400 can use both Wind and Speed data to enhance its performance.

When the EV400 is set to SAIL as VESSEL TYPE, the Autopilot can be selected to WINDVANE mode and this enables the Autopilot to maintain the current apparent wind angle, meaning that if the wind shifts - the autopilot will adjust the vessel's heading to maintain the apparent wind angle, thus avoiding the need to retrim the sails. Please note that you can select in calibration if you want to use Apparent wind or True wind for this feature. This is described in section 9 of the p70 handbook

Speed through the water is used to modify the 'Gain' of the autopilot - the faster the speed the lower the gain- this enables the autopilot to modify the amount of rudder used as the boat speed changes.

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