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I presently have a E7D and want to add a second display to split Radar etc. I read the Axiom system is not compatible and the E7D. And the E7D is no longer available. What product would you suggest?

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Jack,

The e7D belongs to family of MFDs known as the e-Series MFDs. These MFDs were compatible with any of the following families of MFDs:
- a-Series MFDs (retired)
- c-Series MFDs (retired)
- eS-Series MFDs
- gS-Series MFDs

You may also want to consider exploring Raymarine's Rayshop for Factory Refurbished a/c/e/eS/gS-Series MFDs. When adding a new MFD to the system, it is important to ensure that each MFD within the system has been updated with the final LightHouse II software update (v19.03).
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