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Full Version: [CA] WiFi as a raynet network
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I have a very successful system with 2 e125s, ais, depth, radar, etc
I just purchased an a78 to use on the nav station
my question is: Can I use the WiFi capability to connect the a78 into the network. The a78 can, of course, connect to a server for updates, etc and the e125s can be a server for a iPad to connect.
So, can the a78 connect to the e125 and get gps, radar, etc from the network?

Of course I can connect to the reynet, even if it requires an additional hub, but that is more cabling etc.

What do you think ?

Ric Plummer
Kennebunkport, ME
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum ricp,

Unfortunately, Raymarine MFDs do not support communications with one another via their respective Wi-Fi communications interfaces. Communications between these devices must be performed via a wired Ethernet communications network. The only Raymarine equipment which has been designed to be networked to these MFDs via Wi-Fi are the Quantum radomes.
Got it Chuck
Off to get it tied in with RayNet cables
You're welcome.
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