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Full Version: CPT200 location / possible interference from outdrive
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I just purchased a CP200 / CPT200 sidevision combo. I didn't realize how long the transducer is. I put the transducer up to my transom while I was planning the install and noticed the transducer actually comes out far enough from the transom that it looks like part of the signal will hit the outdrive on my boat. Will this cause interference, or is the unit set up to filter out a reflection from the drive?
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Should the vessel's lower unit or outdrive be located within the beam of the CPT-200 transducer, then it is possible that SideVision imaging performance on the side facing the lower unit or outdrive maybe be adversely impacted. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject.

What kind of clearance do I really need to achieve in regards to the sonar beam passing in between the transom and outdrive? Does the beam shoot straight out of the transducer element (as in a 0 degree beam), or does the signal splay at a certain angle?

I am trying to determine how feasible it will be to use this unit successfully with my given set up before I attempt to mount the transducer and am not able to return the unit for a refund.
I should clarify on my previous post, I understand there is some degree of angle from the element in regards to vertical scanning. Is there any degree of splay in the horizontal axis? If you can provide info on both axis, it would help me figure out if I'm going to run in to interference.

The vertical beam angle of the CPT200 transducer elements is 60 degrees. The horizontal beam angle of the CPT200 transducer elements is a quite narrow ... approximately 1.4 degrees degrees.
Excellent, thank you for your help.
You're welcome.
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