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Full Version: (DG) i60 Wind System to E Series display
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Will the i60 Wind System work with my E80 display with Seatalk? If so, what is shown on the display itself?

And thanks to Chuck for answering my post about the ST60, and the welcome to the forum.
Hi Harlen

Thankyou for your enquiry,

The i60 can be used in SeaTalk mode and so can be connected directly to the E80 through Seatalk, check that you have 12vpower on the red wire in Seatalk, if not, then connect 12v to the red seatalk wire and 0volt to the bare wire (screen)

The E80 will show Apparent wind, if you have Speed through the water available on SeaTalk, then you will also see true wind.

Thanks, Derek. Does "speed through the water" come from the GPS reading that is connected to the E80 or does it require a transducer with a paddle-wheel?

Hi Harlen,

STW - Speed through the Water requires a transducer through the hull, with a paddle wheel spinning in the water.

The GPS provides SOG - Speed over Ground.

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