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Full Version: [CA] i70s and p70s
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What is the simplest way to connect a p70s autopilot control head and two i70s multifunction instruments within a guard mounted instrument pod to minimize the amount of cables/connectors within the pod?
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As indicated within the FAQ found here addressing this subject, it is recommended that one end of the backbone terminate within instrument pod (typically located above the MFD/chartplotter pod). Please review the referenced FAQ for further details on this subject.
Elbow for spur cable. Is there an elbow available for straight spur cables? I want a spur cable with an elbow at one end to connect to i70s and straight at other end to connect to 5 way connector inside instrument pod. The elbow spur connector has elbows at each end.

Raymarine SeaTalkng / NMEA 2000 networking components may be found here. There, you will find the A06042 Spur cable having right plugs on each end of the spur cable. Raymarine does not make a spur cable having a right angle plug on one end and a straight plug on the other end.
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