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Full Version: [CA] Axiom 12 X A98 integration
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Dear Forum Members,

I have an Axion 12 and A98 in my boat, I know that they don't can be integrated by Raynet and some data can be shared using seatlk, but there is any way to share the Quantum Radar and Cp470, I connected then using the switch and they became crazy deciding which one would be the data master. I don't need share data between them. is it possible turn off this function data master??? I just want to see my radar and sonar in both MFD. The Ev2 autopilot and AIS runs in the right way.

thank you
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Jazevedo,

Q1. Is there is any way to share the Quantum Radar and Cp470 between these MFDs?
A1. Unfortunately, as these peripherals are designed communicate via Ethernet communication and as a-Series MFDs may not operate within an Ethernet networt which also features MFDs running LightHouse 3 software, this would not be possible. Should two MFDs be desired within the system and each need to to access these same peripherals, then the a98 MFD would need to be replaced with an Axiom MFD. Should the a98 MFD be interfaced to a DownVision or CPT-S transducer, then the a98 would need be replaced with an Axiom DV MFD.
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