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Full Version: [CA] axiom navionics fishing depth
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Is it possible to set the fishing depth range to single digits vs. the min of 10 feet? When fishing shallow fresh water, it would be desirable to set a range of say 7 to 10 feet. Presently, it goes 0, 10, 20, then you can do individual feet. Thank You.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum shewstring,

Are you referring to the MFD's fishfinder feature or to the spot soundings and depths reported within the chart application. If your are referring to the MFD's fishfinder feature, which sonar channel (3D, DownVision, high CHIRP conical) had you encountered this issue with?
This was on the Chart function under advanced features.

With regard to depth contours, the maximum number of depth contours will be displayed when the following two conditions have been satisfied:
- a Navionics Platinum Plus chart card is present within the MFD's memory card reader, or
- a Navionics+ chart card which has been updated with Freshest Updates to include Navionics Nautical Charts and Navionics Sonar Charts for the geographic region (ex. US Northeast, Florida, NC/SC, etc.) in which the vessel will be operating.
- when viewing the Chart application's Main Menu, the Fishing Chart option has been selected.

After doing so, you should see depth contours rendered every foot or so.

Yes, correct. An updated Navionics HotMaps Platinum is loaded and properly displays depth contours. The concern is that the selection on Fishing shading is only allowing the setting to occur in 10 foot increments.

The contours do display correctly on the chart. My question is related to setting the highlighting/shading for fishing to a finer selection than in 10' increments. Desire to set a fishing range 7 to 10 feet. I've included screen shots to show you what I mean.

Thank You.

The following response applies to Axiom, Axiom Pro, and eS/gS-Series MFDs running LightHouse 3 v3.4.66 and later software. When deep water is configured to be displayed as white three colors of shading are supported from deep to shallow. The Deep Water setting may be configured in depth increments as low as five feet. Waters deeper than the Deep Water From setting will be colored white. Waters less than the Deep Water From setting to zero feet will be colored in two shades, light blue (deeper water inside of the Deep Water From setting) and dark blue (shallow water inside of the Deep Water From setting). Areas exposed by low tide and covered by high tide will be colored green. There is an additional setting titled Shallow Area which may be configured in one foot increments to denote shallow areas necessitating greater caution. No finer means are supported for denoting depths within the shallows.
Chuck, I was pleased to see my request was addressed in the 3.5.40 version. I appreciate that these customer requests are reviewed for feasibility and ultimately may come to reality. Thank You!
You're welcome.
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